It is hard to believe but it hasn't even been a year since the inception of the Inspire WIS platform and I have already told he stories of 218 amazing women in surgery.

For those of you that have contributed your stories, I know I probably bugged you to annoyance, but just know this...I can never quantify impact, but to see over 12,100 followers on Instagram reading YOUR stories is amazing - that's 56 followers per story! I've read that a good ratio of followers to posts on Instagram is 10:1, so to see 56:1 goes to show that people find value in what you do...and how you do it.

But the qualitative is so much more rich - the emails I get from people around the world that you've touched is quite simply breathtaking - like a young woman who wrote, "I read ____'s story, and I printed it out and pinned it to my bulletin board that I look up when I study to remind me that this IS worth it".

There is absolutely no better feeling in this world than getting an email like that, especially at a time when equity for women in all walks of life has come into question.


So Restricted Area is the title of the book I signed to write in April-2016. It's been a slow process, but making headway with my editor. Unfortunately, I have to pick 25 women I've featured for expanded features in the book. After writing about 210 women, that's like asking a parent to pick her favorite child.

I acknowledge that not all women who have been featured want be featured in the book, or may have issues that preclude them from doing so.

Nonetheless, I am so pleased to have finalized terms with an "advance against royalties on retail basis". The advance has been kept in a trust account and will be distributed equally to all the women featured, and all future royalty payments will also be distributed equally to each person featured.

WHY? I have chosen to take nothing from this because these aren't my stories. I am confident that the women that are featured will find a way to use this income stream in a way that they see fit.


  • 10 Surgeons / Fellows / Residents
  • 3 Anesthesiologists
  • 3 Dental Surgeons (Perio / Endo / OMFS)
  • 4 Mid-Level Practitioners (CRNAs / RNFAs / PA-Cs / NPs)
  • 3 Registered Nurses
  • 2 Certified Surgical Technologists