10 STORIES: In honor of the holidays, I want to share 10 stories that have really touched my heart & in some cases, brought me to tears. I hope to pull a few of your heart strings too...

Story No. 10:
"Jill - I read your post from the sister of the surgical resident who committed suicide and it hit me like a brick. I was also a general surgery resident & I was miserable - I felt like I was living somebody else's dream, but it was really a nightmare - I actually went and scouted out places where I was going to jump from - it got that bad. I will never be able to thank the people who cared enough to reach out and let me know it was 'ok' to leave surgery for pediatrics - this is the first holiday where I don't have to pretend I'm happy...because I AM HAPPY.

You wrote a comment that I think is the reason why I follow your platform even though I am no longer in surgery - it was something to the effect of the "fine line between celebrating and glamorizing" surgery - that is so true, and you do an amazing job of it. Surgery is not Grey's Anatomy - the physical and emotional toll that you take as a surgical resident is brutal - you deal with death, physical and mental exhaustion, and a continuous desire to prove to people that you can 'take it'.

I learned that becoming a surgeon didn't matter to the the people who really cared about me. I'm proud to admit that I couldn't take it - I believe I am strong to have been able to do something about it before it was too late.

I am happy with finding another path to my passion for medicine without having to prove anything to anybody but myself. I know I'm not alone and if telling my story enables somebody who is as unhappy as I was to find a way out that doesn't mean taking their own life...then it was well worth the email.

What you're doing is so valuable and I admire the way you celebrate these incredible women.  I am INSPIRED. Happy Holidays!"