What is the value of a teacher, or a mentor? I have heard so much about what Dr. Sarah Oltmann means to many of the surgical residents at UTSW - story no. 7 is dedicated to this amazing woman.
"Dr. Sarah Oltmann is so many things – a great surgeon, teacher, mentor, mother, wife & friend. She is a champion ‘of us’ and ‘for us’. Her dedication to teaching and guiding us through this prestigious and rigorous program is a great testament to her values and contributions to the profession and progression of women in surgery.

There have been so many times where I have hit a wall, as all surgical residents do, and Dr. Oltmann has always been there for me - she takes the extra time to listen - and for me, having somebody to 'listen to me' has far outweighed having somebody to 'talk to me'. And I'm certainly not alone when it comes to that - I know for a fact that she has counseled many other surgical residents as we go through this rigorous training program. I feel so lucky to be a part of the UTSW surgical family, and a big part of that I attribute to having mentors like Dr. Oltmann.

Her contributions can never be overstated, and will always be underappreciated - so I only feel it fitting that I write to you and tell you how special and INSPIRING this WOMAN IN SURGERY has been to me. Thank you for providing such an amazing platform with broad reach for us to recognize these incredible influences on our careers...and our lives."