An unrelenting dedication to her profession and the willingness to take the 'path less traveled'.

"I am so proud to call Mana Saraghi a friend. She puts her soul into her work & has always had an intense focus on research, safety & patient care. The fact that she is the program director of a residency program now at such a young age is of no surprise to me. She has already fulfilled so much potential and the scary part is…there is so much left – I can’t wait to see where it takes her.

Mana was always one of those people who never settled for the traditional career path - she knew she wouldn't have been happy being a GP, and I am so proud of her for taking the 'path less traveled'. It takes so much more courage than people think. She's always had this insatiable curiosity to find solutions to everyday issues that plague our patients - solutions that make high-risk dental care safer, less scary and really, just more comfortable for these children.

I have many friends who 'settled' for the GP path and they don't have to tell me, but I can see that they're searching for more. What Mana did took some extra time, a little bit of risk, and a lot of passion, but I NEVER worry about her getting bored or 'looking for more'.

I am so happy to see that Mana is in a position now where she can pass on her own passions to others that are still searching for theirs. She is going to do such a great job of guiding others to find the same love that she has. To me - Mana is the personification of INSPIRATION."