Nobody wants to break the worst news possible about the outcome of a surgery to the patient's family...but what if that patient happens to be the mother of one of your closest friends?

"Tracy Geoffrion broke the news to me. She never shied away from her professional obligation but she also never hid her devastation, which somehow made me stronger in the moment and undoubtedly bonded us in a way that is so tragic and Godsent all at the same time. We both got tattoos in memory of my mom after things had calmed down - same studio, same artist. There was something incredibly cathartic about having a physical scar to match and materialize the emotional one.

Tracy has an appreciation for the humanity inherently involved in what she does. And surprisingly, to me anyway, many other doctors, specifically surgeons, don't share that same quality.

I truly believe that this experience shaped us all, and there is a bond and appreciation that I will ALWAYS share with Tracy - a gratitude for all that she did from the day my mom was diagnosed to the day she went into surgery."