This was such an amazing tribute to Dr. Shayna Mancuso - it inspires me to read these touching accounts of these amazing women everyday. I love them; I love her.

"Dr. Mancuso, or 'Doc Shay' as we sometimes call her, is a blessing to have at our institution. I feel tremendously lucky and fortunate to be able to say that I was on her surgical team. From start to finish, Doc Shay is all about the 4 C's: Completeness, Competence, Comfort and Compassion. But there's something else that makes working with her such a pleasure - she is so Down-to-Earth when she has every reason not to be - she's young, beautiful, talented, a master with a scalpel, and a marvel with the patients. She talks to us like we're equals, not like we're 'the help' - and that's a big deal for us. The greatest compliment I can give to Doc Shay is that we absolutely love operating with her. We check the boards, and there is always this inner 'giddiness' that we feel when we see that she's on that day or night.

Outside of the Operating Room, Doc Shay is no different - a mild-mannered person who has incredible poise in tough situations who takes the extra step to preserve the tender moments our patients go through. We see it all from the rough parts of Chicago - traumas, unexpected pregnancies, you name it - Doc Shay never treats anybody like they did anything wrong and most importantly...that they don't have as much reason to enjoy the birth of their child as any other mother from the affluent suburbs. That says everything to me and THAT is why she is a favorite.

As I have followed your platform, I have found so many inspiring women from the top to the bottom, but I can guarantee you that Doc Shay will hold her ground on any measure and with any woman. She is such a blessing to us and I know she is twice the mother that she is the surgeon, and that is saying A LOT. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Doc Shay - from today to the day we part ways - she is the type that you always will remember and hold in the highest regards. She is brilliant, but she has never allowed her intelligence to affect that magnetism that makes her so special to me, the other surgical staff and most importantly, our beloved patients."