In a recent interview about this initiative, I was asked, “What do you view your purpose is in building this initiative?” It seems like an easy question, but it is actually quite complex. I took a stab at it anyways. If my purpose was merely to tell you about surgery and surgical careers, there are plenty of resources that are far more informative & substantive than what I can give you. On the flipside, if my desire was simply to put up some pretty faces and tag pictures with ‪#‎WCW‬ ‪#‎SexyNurse‬ ‪#‎INeedADoctor‬, there are plenty of pages with far more pictures than mine to serve that purpose.

So what is it then? Well, in my opinion, it is really to tell two sides of every person’s story because in the end, this page is about people. And yes, it is a page about extraordinary women who chose ‪surgery‬ as their callings in life. I am the luckiest person in the world to be able to read all of these submissions that people take the time to write. On my Instagram page, you only get to see 2,200 characters and I try REALLY hard to give you the best of that person within that limitation. But the submissions I get are so rich with life, love, passion and even heartbreak that can never be fully captured, no matter what the character limitation is - they are candid and heartfelt stories that encompass all of the things that create a beautiful existence.

The women I read about are passionate about what they do but more importantly, they are PROUD of who they are – they are mothers, wives, sisters, best friends, daughters, aunts - you name it, I have read about a woman in surgery who is it. These women love being in the ‪‎Operating Room‬, but they also love doing a lot of other things too…they love being at the gym at 4am; they love coming home to their families and having dinner together; they love going out with their friends and acting like they are in college again; they love cooking; they love teaching and advocating for causes they are passionate about; they love adventure like swimming with sharks...they love afternoons at the park with their precious toddlers on a slide. Simply put, the amazing women in surgery I write about embrace the simplicity of life and living 'in the moment'.

My purpose is to provide a platform to showcase amazing women who prove one very important thing: A CAREER IN SURGERY DOES NOT MEAN A LIFE OF SURGERY. Life is an amalgamation of career, relationships, love, laughter & creating an identity that can never be fully realized hidden behind a mask. Life is about choices, not compromises, and the split image was designed to symbolize the idea that we should strive for multi-faceted lives that enable us to fit in the things in life that are most important to us.