To the Incredible Medical Professionals of Parkland Hospital:

My heart has been deeply touched by all of the postings I have seen over social media over the past few days – they are sad, heart-warming, devastating, and hopeful all-at-once. On Thursday, y’all showed up at work with no idea what that horrible night would bring. And when news broke and stretchers hit the doors, I know you did what you always do – anything and everything to save lives. Last Thursday night brought you police officers, tragically gunned down during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest. But there are many other nights, when those doors are slammed open with other people who have been injured by violent crime or other types of accidents, and you do what you always do…anything and everything to save lives.

I am sure that many of you carry deep emotional scars from what you saw on Thursday night…from what you did and perhaps most of all, what you could not do. The emotional drain that healthcare professionals go through is often underestimated and overly complex. It hurts the heart and numbs the soul. But within that struggle, I know that the emotional burden you will carry is not in vain because each and every one of you cares indiscriminately about one thing – saving lives together.

As our country faces deep turmoil, I urge you not to let the political issues cloud the value of the efforts that you put forth on a daily basis. You do your jobs every single day with an undeterred passion and you act without judgment for those who need your help the most. Your efforts will never receive the acknowledgement they deserve, nor are you looking for it. You are looking for reason at a time when it simply does not exist. So when people talk about what ‘matters’, look around at all the amazing men and women you are surrounded by – the people you are lucky enough to call ‘colleagues’ – those who give everything they have, both emotionally and physically, to save lives. Your efforts may be in the shadows, but they shine bright for the beneficiaries of what really ‘matters’.

You laugh together. You cry together. You grow together…But most of all, you support each other. As I have often said, Parkland has been such a focal point of my initiative (long before Thursday night) because of that deep bond that you share together. It is what makes y’all special and it only amplifies why what you do every single day matters.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of you – the men and women who BLEED PURPLE and remind us why we chose this amazing career. This is a time of much sorrow, but take a second to celebrate each other for simply being there to…cry together.