Without getting into political beliefs, which everybody has the right to hold, express, & demonstrate in any form they’d like within the law, I have been frustrated by the amount of rhetoric that floods our feeds every day. Some of it is compelling, but most of it is destructive – destructive in the sense that it takes away the most precious asset we have – our time.

As many know, I’ve had many legit reasons in my life to be angry, & believe me, I held onto anger for a really long time – it nearly destroyed me & everything I wanted to be. But, what pulled me out of that anger was 3 realizations: 1) I cannot change the nexus of my anger; 2) I am moving backwards; & 3) I am disrespecting all of the amazing people who have invested so much in ME.

I got a letter on Friday night from a Muslim-American med student & aspiring surgeon who was planning to participate in the March on Washington the next day. She wanted to say something to the 215 women who I’ve featured: 

Thank you for showing me what is possible with hard work, a bit of luck, and a lot of resilience. While contributing your story to this initiative may have seemed trivial to you, think about people like me - those who need shining examples of what we can achieve, now more than ever. This was never about you - it is about us, and like any community, we need just as much going in as being taken out. All I can say is - ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ for contributing your version of progress.

I am so proud of the women I’ve featured (all 215) & I entrust in each of you the power you hold for women who need shining examples of the ‘possible’…now more than ever. So express your opinions, take to the streets, but please don’t let ANGER destroy the greatest thing you’ve created for so many women who want to be just like YOU...HOPE & INSPIRATION.