I am so proud to announce a partnership between Inspire Women in Surgery and Medelita - a performance healthcare apparel company. I chose Medelita not just because its products have become staples of my daily work wardrobe, but because of its mission and values:

"We feel rather strongly about the connection between appearance, confidence, and poise. Your uniform is your outer display of achievement and prestige. It makes the general statement to your patients that you personally care about your appearance, and will in turn, take good care of them."


Medelita's values very much align with the underlying story of this platform, which is that the progression of women in medicine (specifically surgery) requires the courage, confidence and preparedness to not only take on such a rigorous career path, BUT ALSO, to preserve your identity in the process. We, as women in surgery, need to embrace and stand up for who we are, rather than blend-in to preconceptions branded in society's eyes.

Additionally, as a practitioner-founded company, I have been extremely impressed with Medelita's willingness to promote community within the healthcare profession, and look beyond the financial bottom line to create social impact, including the STEM Education Coalition, the The Physician Mother Group (PMG), and Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS).

I am very proud to align with Medelita and bring recognition of its great products and the importance that it places on returning value to the community.


Medelita has been very gracious in providing a promotional discount code to InspireWIS that can be used on web purchases: 


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Special thanks to Ariel Jacoby at Medelita for helping bring this partnership together.

InspireWIS' partnership with Medelita is purely one of shared values and cross-promotion. No monetary consideration is exchanged by either party.